Slowcost Serbia
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    Εγγραφή: Κυρ 28 Οκτ, 2007 22:30
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    από DUKE » Παρ 05 Μαρ, 2010 03:01

    Have you gone any further than the pics.
    Please do provide us more photos..
    And if you wish share with us the manufacturing method of the fiberglass.
    Shedding tears

    7 Rulez - Keep Drifting
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    Εγγραφή: Κυρ 25 Νοέμ, 2007 00:21
    Τοποθεσία: Belgrade, Serbia

    από dutchman » Σάβ 06 Μαρ, 2010 04:56

    yes I did the rear section but didn't finish it completely ... actually both CBR600RR bike and put a side this project , but as soon as the weather get beater will do the front end , it's time to put it on the road ;) this is some last year photo , hope will do some new soon
    1493907819_img_9192_resize.jpg 1493907801_img_9214_resize.jpg 1493907762_img_9191_resize.jpg 1493907756_000img_9279.jpg 1493907756_img_9202_resize.jpg 1493907743_img_9207_resize.jpg 1493907737_img_9194_resize.jpg 1493907695_img_9212_resize.jpg

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