Locost Spain&Bulgaria!
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    Locost Spain&Bulgaria!

    από tajgreidotu » Πέμ 05 Σεπ, 2013 10:55

    Hello all!

    My name is Javi,an im a spanish guy that arrived to live to Bulgaria 2 weeks ago. I always wanted to build my own locost but Spanish laws are stupid so...... Now that im here I want to try!!

    I know its not Greece, but we are super close and maybe you can help me with your knowledge about bulgarian laws, or maybe it will be better to legalize it there, in Greece.

    How is it going there? is it easy to deal with authorities?

    Next week Ill buy the welder for the project, I hope ill start building the chassis next month. Ill keep you updated with my progress!

    Cheers to everybody!
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    Re: Locost Spain&Bulgaria!

    από γκ » Τετ 13 Νοέμ, 2013 10:55

    Hi Javi,
    Greek laws are more stupid! :( :( :(

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